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Original Adelaide Baby Bag

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Adelaide Baby Bag with Bassinet

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Adelaide Baby Bag with Bottle Warmer

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Wow! I ordered this diaper bag in hopes my husband would like it better than my Tory Burch bag. It has so much storage and he loved the fact it had a usb to charge from! Love that front pockets for bottles! This diaper bag has it all and will help keep me organized!

Abbby Fitzgerald

We’ve used both sides of the spectrum for diaper bags… Petunia pickle bottoms to backpacks. This is such a happy medium! Solid construction, practical pockets, and a forgiving neutral color (grey). We’ve had so many people ask where we got this bag. And for the price, I’m not worried about it getting used and destroyed. It’s practical and doesn’t scream “I’m a diaper bag!”. There are nice surprises such as a zipper in the back where you can reach the bottom of the main compartment easily, and a slit on the side pockets to pull out things easily, such as plastic baggies for dirty diapers or wet clothes. We have used this every day for a month for a three month old and a four-year-old and have yet to run into any snags. I would highly recommend this bag!

Lauren A Paul

This is seriously the best mommy bag I've owned! And I've gone through at least eight others. This bag can fit so much in it and it's easy to keep it organized, which is a huge deal to me. Also it's so cute! I have two little ones and am able to fit everything I need; clothes, diapers, baby wipes, sippy cups, snacks, tablet chargers ect... I wish I would have found this sooner!

Ella B